Eisenhower, Churchhill, DeGaulle do not mention GAS CHAMBERS???
(too old to reply)
2005-12-28 06:14:00 UTC
2005-12-28 06:21:37 UTC
Post by iceman
maybe you can talk to GW, with his realitive it might not be hard to sell
him that pitch.. All those documentaries of dead people and gas ovens and
gold teeth, and packed trains were put together by jews right? And they
bombed the NY towers. and they control the weather. I do admit one thing,
the jews sure lie about the news...allot and with this I am serious. They
ignore allot of negatives to protect Bush..
2005-12-28 11:01:46 UTC
Post by iceman
They didn't talk about the devil either, as far as I know. Ah,
it must be a myth then, eh Lucy?
2005-12-28 22:09:11 UTC

Churchill and the Holocaust
By Sir Martin Gilbert

.........The German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 was the
start of the Holocaust as we know it. Messages reaching Churchill through
his intelligence services told of the murder, in groups, of thousands of
Jews. He made powerful reference to these killings when he broadcast on
November 14 1941:

'None has suffered more cruelly than the Jew the unspeakable evils wrought
upon the bodies and spirits of men by Hitler and his vile regime. The Jew
bore the brunt of the Nazi's first onslaught upon the citadels of freedom
and human dignity. He has borne and continued to bear a burden that might
have seen beyond endurance. He has not allowed it to break his spirit; he
has never lost the will to resist. Assuredly in the day of victory the
Jew's suffering and his part in the struggle will not be forgotten.'
'... 4000 Jewish children had been deported.'

The deportations from France to Auschwitz began in the summer of 1942.
Their destination was unknown at the time, but the fact that the
deportations were taking place was reported from Paris, The Times
reporting in September that 4000 Jewish children had been deported. On the
next day Churchill, speaking about the Nazi regime in the House of
Commons, castigated:

'... the most bestial, the most squalid and the most senseless of all
their offences, namely, the mass deportation of Jews from France, with the
pitiful horrors attendant upon the calculated and final scattering of
families. This tragedy fills me with astonishment as well as with
indignation, and it illustrates as nothing else can the utter degradation
of the Nazi nature and theme, and degradation of all who lend themselves
to its unnatural and perverted passions.'.........

.......In March 1944 German troops occupied Hungary. Three quarters of a
million Hungarian Jews were at risk. Churchill asked Marshall Tito to
protect any Jews who escaped Hungary to partisan-held Yugoslavia. That
July, Jewish leaders brought Churchill an horrific account of Auschwitz.
It had been smuggled out by two escapees, and revealed for the first time
the nature of the gas chambers there. Asked to bomb the railway lines to
Auschwitz, Churchill instructed Eden: 'Get anything out of the Air Force
you can, and invoke me if necessary.' A few days later, when it was
learned that the deportations from Hungary had stopped, the Jewish request
changed from bombing to protective documents. This too Churchill
'... this is the most horrible crime ever committed ...'

With regard to how the British should react to a Jewish appeal for
publicity of the atrocities, Churchill replied: 'I am entirely in accord
with making the biggest outcry possible.' This too was done.

Reading in July 1944 the first detailed account of Auschwitz, Churchill wrote:

'There is no doubt this is the most horrible crime ever committed in the
whole history of the world, and it has been done by scientific machinery
by nominally civilised men in the name of a great State and one of the
leading races of Europe. It is quite clear that all concerned in this
crime who may fall into our hands, including the people who only obeyed
orders by carrying out the butcheries, should be put to death after their
association with the murders has been proved.'

In London, Churchill continued to press the War Office to agree to an
all-Jewish military force to join the Allied armies, writing on July 26:
'I like the idea of the Jews trying to get the murderers of their fellow
countrymen in Central Europe, and I think it would give a great deal of
satisfaction to the United States.'

In October 1944, as further news about the killings at Auschwitz reached
the West, the Polish government in exile asked for an official protest.
The foreign Office was reluctant to respond, but Churchill was not.
'Surely,' he wrote, 'publicity given about this might have a chance of
saving the multitudes concerned.'

On April 18 1945 General Eisenhower telephoned Churchill about the entry
of his troops into a number of concentration camps in Western and Central
Germany. That afternoon Churchill told the House of Commons of the
'horror' felt by the government at "the proofs of these frightful crimes
now coming into view", and he added:

'The matter is of urgency, as of course, it is not possible to arrest the
processes of decay in many cases. In view of this urgency, I have come to
the conclusion that eight members of this House and two members of the
House of Lords should form a Parliamentary Delegation and should travel
out at once to the Supreme Headquarters, where General Eisenhower will
make all necessary arrangements for their inspection of the scenes,
whether in American or British sectors.'

'People are profoundly shocked here,' Churchill telegraphed to Eisenhower
that evening.

From the first to the last day of the war, the fate of the Jews was
something on which Churchill took immediate and positive action whenever
he was asked to do so. In addition, in 1940 he refused to contemplate
making peace with Hitler, and for the next four years used every fibre of
his being to devise means of defeating Hitler. Even when the Gestapo
system was in the ascendant over much of Europe, at the very time when
most Jews were being murdered, Churchill had faith that it would one day
be possible to defeat Nazism altogether. This faith communicated itself to
the ghettos and was itself a potent factor for morale behind German lines.

(Source - The British Broadcasting Corporation)
2005-12-28 22:11:17 UTC
The 9/11 truth movement has suffered from a moderate amount of
infiltration by advocates of what is euphemistically called Holocaust
revisionism, who have written in defense of various aspects of Holocaust
Denial and have praised neo-Nazis who seek to downplay the Holocaust.

The 9/11 truth movement has attracted a lot of people who want to be
instant experts. Some crave public recognition. Others, no doubt, have
their unique psychological reasons, some good, some not so good. But those
who make very bold conclusions while being ignorant of most of the
available evidence run the risk of "foot in mouth" disease, and worse,
their antics can rub off on the rest of us, especially if they seek to
connect neo-Nazi pseudo historians and 9/11 truth activists in common

Due to these (and other) efforts to link 9/11 skeptics with Holocaust
denial, there are a fair number of citizens who think that 9/11
investigation is really all about blaming "the Jews" for the atrocity,
both from those who want to blame the "jews" and those who think that 9/11
investigation is anti-semitism.

Not all "conspiracy theories" are true - some are blatant revisions of
history to snare the gullible or those who let their anger get in the way
of the facts.

The 9/11 truth movement should not be co-opted by those who want to
pretend that one of the greatest crimes in history was oversold by Jews in
order to justify a land grab in Palestine.

It would not be surprising if many of the voices most loudly advocating
Holocaust Denial were "false flag" operatives of the Israeli government -
since the fact that some crazy people promote these lies makes it more
difficult to find political space to criticize Israeli human rights abuses
(even though the two issues are quite separate).

It is possible that some well-meaning people have been lured into
believing Holocaust Denial due to a lack of critical thinking abilities
and the fact that much of the best historical material from murdered
victims, survivors, bystanders and perpetrators is not on the internet (a
failure of only doing research on the web!) and the neo-Nazi liars are
aggresive in their advocacy. Fortunately, there is a large amount of
material documenting the reality of the Holocaust and refuting the


Holocaust Denial: Truth or Hoax?
One Survivor's Testimony
by William Samelson, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor, Trinity University

The Holocaust is an irrefutable fact. As a survivor of several labor and
concentration camps, and as one whose entire family, save my elder
brother, was murdered by Nazi thugs, I sincerely wish it had not occurred.
It is also irrefutable that I am still here - a reminder of those barbaric
acts perpetrated not so long ago on the European Jews by an ostensibly
civilized German nation. Law-abiding, ordinary citizens of the Third Reich
turned fanatical, implementing their beloved Führer's agenda of murder and
destruction. They became killers for him and we became the survivors of
his madness. We were not expected to remain alive and give testimony to
their crimes against humanity. Alas, it can not be denied that I survived
this disaster: the most horrendous calamity of the twentieth century. I am
here, alive. I represent the tragic truth. It is my belief that I was
spared for this purpose. It is now my moral responsibility to bear witness
for as long as I shall live, for I am the truth and will not be silenced
by lies. To deny the truth, the awful facts of the Holocaust, is simply to

The evidence, of course, is overwhelming. The countless photographs (most
of them taken by Nazi SS and military personnel), testimonies of
survivors, and Allied liberators as well as from Nazi documentation media
and their war-time propaganda films all prove that this mass Judeocide
took place. Yet, there are a number of people that claim it was all
nothing more than a hoax. These deniers call themselves "revisionist
historians." Their express purpose is to alter documented historical fact.
In the process, they turn scholarship into mockery, transforming truth
into a make-believe fantasy spawned from unmitigated cynicism. They use
the resulting misinformation to spread their anti-Jewish beliefs to the
general public. Moreover, their theories, derived from blatant fabrication
of data, misquotations, and quotations used out of context, are presented
under the deceptive mask of scholarship and are made available to the
world by way of the Internet, radio, and television. Although only
relatively few fringe groups, propagandists, and pseudo-scholars embrace
Holocaust denial, their activity is increasing and the potential for their
influence to grow is evident. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all
Holocaust survivors, historians, and those sincere chroniclers of the
Holocaust to inform the world of the truth before the peoples around the
world potentially fall prey, over time, to collective amnesia and adopt a
romantic mythical view of the past events.

In Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Adolf Hitler expressed his belief that "the
great masses of people...more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a
little one" (p. 231); and that the simplest ideas "should be repeated
thousands of times" so people will remember them (p. 185). Essentially,
Holocaust denial is one big, bold, lie. In an attempt to legitimize the
Nazi regime, revive National Socialism, forward their theory of a
Jewish-Zionist conspiracy and, evidently, justify their virulent
anti-Judaism, deniers repeat this lie over and over. They hide their aims
under such legitimate-sounding organizations as the "Institute for
Historical Review" and the "Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust."
Some deniers have the audacity call themselves "scholars" or "historians."
Whichever way they chose to identify themselves, their intentions have
nothing to do with the preservation of history but with its distortion.

if Holocaust denial is so absurd, why should we bother to research its
aims? I believe that in order to separate fact from fiction, it is
important to learn about the fiction as well as the facts. As a survivor
of the Holocaust, I have experienced the factual consequences of that
tragic event at great losses to myself and my family. When I confront the
deniers' fictional interpretations of the Holocaust, I can distinguish
between them accordingly. Needless to say, there is a large segment of the
general public that does not have this advantage. This population will
inevitably grow with ignorance, ingrained prejudice or plain naiveté.
There will always exist people who will be susceptible to the propaganda
generated by the deniers of the Holocaust. ....

Historian Michael Sturmer asserts that "in a land without history, the
future is controlled by those who determine the content of memory, who
coin concepts and interpret the past." Such an assertion is especially
applicable to the Holocaust. As we, the survivors, become scarce, there
will be fewer sources of primary information about the Holocaust in the
world. Furthermore, the essence of truth vested with the authority of the
eyewitness, will no longer prevail. They will no longer be able to impress
future generations with the horrors of Nazi genocide. It is hard to
conceive whether or not the Holocaust denial movement could further its
influence. However, it is up to the vigilance of authentic historians and
serious scholars to prevent its spread by educating the general public on
how to separate fact from fiction and valid historical interpretation from
the "revisionist" propaganda. We hope that future generations of
discerning individuals will realize that the deniers' diatribes are used
not only to discredit the Holocaust victims, but also to tarnish the
veracity of eyewitness accounts.



There are, in fact, people (among whom Rudolf does not number) who deny
the Final Solution out of mental illness. Intense emotional issues have an
attraction to some people who are a bit on the edge. They could have
latched onto any issue and picked the Final Solution by chance. We have
nothing but compassion for such people, but that does not mean they
deserve to have their viewpoint taken seriously. One must earn the right
to be taken seriously. One must demonstrate seriousness in the way that
one treats evidence and the context of that evidence.



Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel (born April 24, 1939 in Bad Wildbad) is a
German Holocaust denier and pamphleteer who was jailed several times for
publishing hate literature. In 1977, Zündel founded a small press
publishing house called Samisdat Publishers which issued such pamphlets as
The Hitler We Loved and Why and Did Six Million Really Die?, both
prominent documents of the so-called Holocaust Revisionism movement. For
many years Zündel made his views known from his home in Canada and in
2005, he was deported back to his native Germany and detained in Mannheim
prison awaiting trial for Holocaust denial.


Deceit & Misrepresentation: The Techniques of Holocaust Denial


http://holocaust-history.org/revisionism-isnt/ the euphemism of
"revisionism" is really Denial

www.kimel.net/sublime.html - subtle forms of Denial (whitewashing the
Jewishness of the Holocaust - although millions of non-Jews were killed by
the Nazis and their allies)

Holocaust Denial infiltrating the 9/11 truth movement


American Free Press / Barnes Review
A neo-Nazi publication invents a new "no plane" theory - no plane in
Pennsylvania, either

The American Free Press is an ultra-right-wing Holocaust denial website
that claims that Flight 93 never existed. Presumably, the eyewitnesses to
the flight are all Mossad operatives keeping "the truth" from the American
public, although their "article" claiming "no plane" in Pennsylvania does
not address the eyewitness testimony and the obvious physical evidence
that shows their claims are mere "chaff," a distraction from the real
story. These sorts of distractions seem to get more and more bizarre with
each passing month -- and few of these distractions dare talk about the
9/11 wargames, NORAD and the role of Dick Cheney. Who benefits from
redirecting the discussions about 9/11 complicity to blurry photos,
evidence-less science fiction theories, and no plane stories that are
absolutely refuted by eyewitness testimony and abundant physical evidence?

American Free Press sometimes promotes itself as "AFP," which can cause
confusion, since one of the world's leading news organizations shares the
same acronym (Agence France-Press).

See www.flight93crash.com for the real story of Flight 93, including
fairly convincing evidence that the plane was shot down.


Updated September 17, 2004
9-11 Mysteries Remain Three Years After Terror Attacks, Public Still
Doubts ŒOfficial¹ Story
By Christopher Bollyn

AFP also promotes the fiction that there was a giant explosion at WTC
Building 6
- which has been ably refuted at

What's next -- the "no building" theory?


American Free Press / Barnes Review used to smear investigations into 9/11
as anti-semitism by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC is a group that
focuses on fringe fascists but ignores corporate and military-industrial
complex fascism). Having fringe fascists like AFP/Barnes focus on 9/11
conspiracy serves to discredit real evidence of official complicity.


'Risking Their Freedom'
A group of 'internationally renowned scholars' probes 9/11. And, to the
surprise of no one, identifies a familiar enemy.

Intelligence Report
Fall 2002

from Jim Hoffman, webmaster of wtc7.net and 911review.com (highly
respected 9/11 truth websites)

For all I know Chris [Bollyn] is a sincere (despite apparently embracing
some amazing Holocaust revisionist views) hardworking investigative
reporter. If that's true, howerver, he doesn't seem to apply a very good
critical filter to the information he gathers. For example, he appears to
be the source of some of the more deeply ingrained errors in the 9/11
skeptics' literature, such as the Building 6 explosion myth:


and the idea that seismic spikes preceded the collapses:

I recently spoke at an event in Los Angeles: "Solving the 9/11 Crime - A
Citizens' Grand Jury", in which Chris was promoting "In Plane Site", and
presenting dozens of ideas for which I see no basis in evidence. I was so
disturbed at the damage he was doing to the credibility of careful
research that I spent half of my talk debunking the more nonsensical ideas
he advanced in his talk just before mine.


Barnes Review floats fake story as bait to anti-war movement

A story floated on tbrnews.com - the Barnes Review - in spring 2005
claimed that 9,000 American troops had really been killed in Iraq, but the
truth was being covered up. This claim was made at a time when Bush's
approval ratings and military recruiting levels reached new lows, and the
empire is on the defensive with growing disgust domestically and
internationally. This story is almost certainly disinformation, but like
all good lies there is some truth to it. The official lists of killed in
action do not include mercenaries (euphemistically called contractors) and
soldiers from allied nations (mainly Britain). There are a number of
probably true stories alleging a large contingent of "Green Card" soldiers
- illegal immigrants caught at the border and promised legal residence or
citizenship if they fight for Uncle Sam. The number of these troops in
Iraq, and the numbers wounded and killed are unlikely to ever be confirmed
precisely. It is also worth noting that the US military has declined to
make any public statements about the number of Iraqis killed during the
invasion and occupation, but a true figure is likely to be well over
100,000 -- and millions suffer from the privations, fear, humiliation, and
other consequences of being a stranger in your own homeland.

WARNING: Beware the "Voice from the White House"
(TBR News is "The Barnes Review")

The "Daily Kos" blog has a long discussion about the "9,000 dead" story -
here are three of the most insightful comments:

1. one could entertain the notion that this idea is being passed around to
bait liberals into false claims as an attempt to discredit our movement.

2. Another thing to consider:
Learn to question motives & presentation of information.
Even a cursory review of the available (on the web in general and dKos in
particular) info on tbrnews.org (antisemitic conspiracymongers) would have
raised several red flags (not to mention finding the previously debunked
diaries on this).
It is my hunch that a large part of especially the openly antisemitic
stuff (as opposed to Ray McGovern's legitimate comments on POLITICAL
connections between US rightwingers and Israels loony religious right) is
pushed here and in comments threads on other lefty sites by plants wishing
to discredit the sites in question.
Then of course you have the terminally stupid "leftists" who either push
this shit themselves or comment approvingly.

3. How's this for a conspiracy with history to it?
The US Government has had a history of "infiltrating" left-wing groups to
sow dissent. They would appear as fanatical supporters but would use
inflammatory rhetoric to radicalize or discredit the group. Perhaps they
are doing it in the blogosphere and the trolling, insulting, magic-minded
folk are phonies.
So, do I really believe this is true? In reality, there are always enough
fuzzy-mind (and sometimes rude) folk out there that it certainly doesn't
have to be true to have such posts. On the other hand, I find believing
that it just might be true, that this person with this far-out theory, or
that this person who seems hell-bound to insult and divide might be a fake
- I find this oddly comforting. It allows me to not be upset by
The bare-bones truth is bad enough without the need to flesh it out with


American Free Press: the Nazi connections

The American Free Press promotes "The Barnes Review," a neo-nazi holocaust
denial site that shares the same mailing address as AFP. The "Barnes
Review" page www.barnesreview.org/Nobel_Prize/nobel_prize.html included
this gem (note: this embarrassing page has now been removed from their

Adolf Hitler: An Overlooked Candidate for the Nobel Prize
By Alex S. Perry Jr.
If anyone deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, it was Adolf Hitler. Hitler did
not want war. World War II was forced on Germany.

Barnes Review offers a wide variety of neo-Nazi holocaust denial
literature that severely tests any sane person's committment toward
tolerating the First Amendment. It is interesting to see how AFP carefully
"segregates" their Nazi literature onto the "Barnes" site, so that their
AFP newspaper seems somewhat legitimate if you don't look closely at the

2005-12-28 22:12:45 UTC

More background on AFP/Barnes:

http://squawk.ca/lbo-talk/0304/2395.html report on a neo-nazi conference
in Europe

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willis_Carto profile of Willis Carto, famous
American neo-Nazi who founded AFP/Barnes

... In 1955, he founded the organization called Liberty Lobby, which
remained in operation under the control of Willis Carto until 2001, when
the organization was forced into bankruptcy as a result of a lawsuit.
Liberty Lobby was perhaps best known for publishing the newspaper, The
Spotlight, between 1975 and 2001, which is also now defunct. Willis Carto
and other people who were involved with The Spotlight have since started a
new newspaper, called the American Free Press, which is similar in tone.
Carto was also the founder of a publishing company called Noontide Press,
which published a number of books on white racialist subjects, including
Yockey's Imperium. Noontide Press later became closely associated with the
Institute for Historical Review (IHR), and fell out of Carto's hands at
the same time as the IHR did. The IHR was founded by Willis Carto in 1979,
with the intent of promoting the proposition that the Nazi Holocaust never
happened - a view known as Holocaust revisionism or Holocaust denial.
After losing control of Noontide Press and the IHR in a hostile takeover
by former associates, Carto started another publication, the Barnes
Review, which is also dedicated to denying that the Holocaust happened.
Willis Carto has had a long history of attempting to take the remains of
existing groups and publications, and turning them into vehicles for his
ideology. In 1966, Willis Carto acquired control of the American Mercury,
a magazine which was once a highly respected periodical associated with
H.L. Mencken, but which was on its last leg by the time Carto acquired it,
and quickly went defunct. After the failed third-party Presidential
campaign of George Wallace in 1968, Carto acquired control of what was
left of the Youth for Wallace organization, and transformed it into an
openly white supremacist youth organization called the National Youth
Alliance. Carto eventually lost control of the National Youth Alliance to
a rival on the far right, William Pierce, who transformed it into the
National Alliance, which is today the most notorious neo-Nazi organization
operating in the United States. Willis Carto also acquired the Sun Radio
Network in the early 1990s, and attempted to use talk radio as a vehicle
for spreading his views. That network also became defunct under Carto's
In 1984, Willis Carto was among those involved in starting a new political
party called the Populist Party. As with many other Carto creations, this
group quickly fell out of the hands of Carto in a hostile takeover from
disgruntled former associates. This Populist Party, which critics charged
was an electoral vehicle for current and former Ku Klux Klan and Christian
Identity members, was not a continuation of the earlier Populist Party of
the late 1800s, which was a left-wing party. The Populist Party started by
Willis Carto was a party of the far right, and is best known for running
David Duke as its Presidential nominee in 1988, and former Green Beret
officer Bo Gritz in 1992. It disbanded by 1996.
In 2004, Carto joined in signing the New Orleans Protocol on behalf of
American Free Press. The New Orleans Protocol seeks to "mainstream our
cause" by reducing violence and internecine warfare, and was written by
David Duke. There are few movements on the American far right that have
not been influenced in one way or another by Willis Carto in the last 50



New Orleans Protocol
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The New Orleans Protocol (NOP) was signed in New Orleans, Louisiana, on
May 29, 2004 David Duke, then recently released from prison, organized a
weekend gathering of the euphemistically entitled "European Nationalists",
in the vein of White nationalism, which is often confused with White
supremacy. Following the death of William L. Pierce in 2002, White racial
movements had become splintered and divided. At the gathering Duke
presented his unity proposal for peace within the movement and a better
image to the outside world, to "mainstream our cause."

The NOP calls for "Zero tolerance for violence. Honourable and ethical
behaviour in relations with other signatory groups. (In other words, no
enemies on the racialist far-right.) Maintaining a high tone in our
arguments and public presentations." Commentary by Paul Fromm clarified
that violence in "self-defense" is permitted.

The signatories on that date were:

David Duke, European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO)
Don Black, Stormfront
Willis Carto, American Free Press
Dr. Ed Fields, Truth at Last
Sam G. Dickson, Council of Conservative Citizens
Kevin Alfred Strom and David Pringle, National Alliance
Paul Fromm, Canadian Association for Free Expression
John Tyndall, of the British National Party, signed as an individual, not
as a representative of his party.


http://homepage.mac.com/lsf/ Willis Carto Information Site


Holocaust denial depends on the embrace of a mass conspiracy theory -- the
allegation that Jews, academics, historians and others falsified or
maliciously distorted all testimonies, reports and pictures of the
Holocaust. Holocaust deniers explain Jewish motivation behind the "Zionist
conspiracy" as a means to gain power and influence. In Carto's opening
speech to the 1981 IHR convention, he asserted that "Zionists" are
"predators" who exploit the "guilt" of Western society and "offer us
expiation for the sins of our fathers by giving us the magnificent
opportunity to contribute to the building of God's promised land for God's
chosen people with our tax money." The IHR's game plan is simple; by
legitimizing "debate" over the settled historical veracity of the
Holocaust, deniers hope to sow the seed of doubt, which in turn will
foster anti-Semitism in the form of resentment against those who have
promoted this "hoax": the Jews.

http://www.revisionists.com/revisionists/carto.html even the other nazi
nutters consider Carto a disruptive influence (warning: revisionists is a
pro-nazi holocaust denial site)

For nearly five decades Willis Carto has been an important but often
contentious and polarizing figure in the American "right wing" and the
historical revisionist movement. ...
In 1955 Carto founded Liberty Lobby, a "populist" organization that for
years published a nationally-circulated tabloid weekly, The Spotlight.
Following its collapse in 2001, Carto and former Liberty Lobby employees
launched American Free Press (AFP), a weekly tabloid similar to The
Spotlight in style, tone and content. He has since played an important
role in running AFP.
Carto also supervises The Barnes Review, a revisionist history journal he
founded in 1994 that targets a middle-brow readership.
The Barnes Review and AFP have jointly sponsored several conferences.
Carto has a long record of bitter and litigious fights with persons or
groups that he regards as rivals. During the 1980s, for example, he was
involved in launching the Populist Party. But soon he was embroiled in
conflict with the group's other leading figures, who accused him of
misappropriating many tens of thousands of dollars of Party funds. The
bitter dispute accelerated the Party's decline and collapse.
For some years Carto and his wife were associated with the Institute for
Historical Review, a leading "revisionist" publishing and educational
center that was founded in December 1978 by David McCalden with support
from Carto and several other persons.
In September 1993 the staff and management of the IHR and its parent
corporation terminated all ties with the Cartos after evidence came to
light that they were embezzling funds. (This theft was later proven in
Carto responded with an aggressive smear campaign against the IHR and
persons associated with it, accusing them of being agents of the Zionist
ADL, the CIA, and the Church of Scientology. He also initiated a series of
lawsuits against the IHR, its parent corporation, and persons associated
with the IHR.
Carto's costly and protracted campaign was not successful. Liberty Lobby
was forced into bankruptcy and went out of business. The Cartos likewise
filed for bankruptcy, and in early 2002 they lost their home in Escondido,
southern California. Since then they have been reportedly been living in
semi-hiding in northern Virginia.

A Brief History of Holocaust Revisionism
By Willis A. Carto

Auschwitz: The Final Count
By Michael Collins Piper
A thought-provoking new anthology edited by English historian Vivian Bird
casts stark new light on what really happened at Auschwitz during World
War II. As the evidence shows, the official "facts" just don¹t add up.


David Irving

David Irving is a pseudo-historian who has been promoting Holocaust Denial
for decades. www.holocaust-history.org/pamphlets/irving/pamphlet.shtml
www.nizkor.org/hweb/people/i/irving-david/ and
www.holocaustdenialontrial.org have excellent backgrounds on this racist's

In 2002, he extended an invitation to Michael Ruppert to speak at one of
his events, but without identifying what he is most known for (Holocaust
Denial). Before Ruppert found out who Mr. Irving really is, and before
Ruppert had committed to appearing, Irving had already printed up
thousands of leaflets promoting Ruppert's appearance at his neo-Nazi event
-- a connection that some then used to try to smear Ruppert as a
right-wing racist. The smear campaign claimed that Ruppert should have
automatically known who Irving was, although the fact that he refused the
invitation when he realized who Irving is should be suffiicient to
establish Mike's bona fides - it is a dirty trick to discredit serious
investigations into this scandal. (The webmaster of oilempire.us, who is
very familiar with the gory details of the Holocaust and is disgusted by
Holocaust Denial, was not familiar with Irving's identity on 9/11 -- and
was horrified to learn shortly after 9/11 that some neo-Nazis were trying
to hijack efforts to unearth what actually happened on 9/11.)

Irving's fpp.co.uk website has had some accurate material on 9/11
complicity since shortly after the attacks, but has also offered claims
that are difficult, if not impossible to prove. For example, Irving
offered the tantalizing information that Condi Rice had been the source
who warned then San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown not to fly on 9/11 (a
warning that Brown admitted to the San Francisco Chronicle immediately
after the attacks -- but he has never stated who warned him not to fly to
New York that day). The claim that Condi was the source is tempting to
believe (she had been on the faculty at Stanford and on the board of San
Francisco based Chevron and presumably knew Brown), but Irving did not
offer any evidence. Like other flavors of disinformation surrounding this
scandal, Irving has offered some real pieces of information as bait to
gain credibility for his nasty misinterpretations of history.


The Guardian, February 5, 2000

This is how [David Irving] approaches the entire topic. He dismisses the
evidence of the witnesses' own eyes: whether Jew or Nazi, they made it all
up. He sets a standard of proof for his enemies which no human event could
ever fully satisfy. And this is a challenge not only to Deborah Lipstadt.
... If Irving is able to dismiss the testimony of tens of thousands of
witnesses, where does that leave history? If we can't know this, how can
we know that Napoleon fought at Waterloo or that Henry VIII had six wives?
How can we know anything?



David John Cawdell Irving (born March 24, 1938) describes himself as a
self-taught historian who, from the late-1960s to the mid-1980s, was a
leading British author on World War II. Author of controversial works such
as Hitler¹s War and The Destruction of Dresden, Irving is also one of the
most accomplished and successful proponents of Holocaust denial. In the
mid-1980s, he started openly associating with Neo-Nazi and extremist
groups, and his reputation began to wane. In the late 1990s, he sued the
prominent Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt for listing him as a
Holocaust denier in her book Denying the Holocaust. After a much
publicized trial, Irving lost the case and was found to be a Holocaust
denier by the court.
Among Holocaust deniers, Irving is perhaps the only one who for some time
managed to maintain the reputation of a serious, if controversial,
historian. Irving is considered an icon by many in the Holocaust denial
camp, but since the Lipstadt trial verdict, he has fought an increasingly
isolated battle, and has been barred from entering many countries.


Jane Christensen - Holocaust Denial supporting professor has 9/11 truth
course that mixes good evidence and hoaxes, recommends Nazi news sources
as reliable materials

Professor Christensen is an open supporter of Holocaust Denial who is
teaching a course called 911: the road to tyranny. The texts that she is
using in her "course" include Alex Jones, In Plane Site and the Institute
for Historical Review (an organization dedicated to denying the
Holocaust), perhaps the first and last time that these liars will ever be
used as sources for a university education. Hopefully, she is an agent
provocateur - since it's hard to believe that anyone with tenure could be
so stupid.

I had a short dialogue with this professor inquiring about her use of
inaccurate sources regarding the 9/11 cover-up and was quite shocked at
her response -- she has vitriol that makes people who are convinced that
9/11 was an inside job want to believe the official story. I can only
imagine what impact she will have on a broader public audience.


From: "Christensen, Jane T" <***@WESNet.ncwc.edu>
To: 'Mark Robinowitz'
Subject: RE: best and worst evidence re: 9/11 complicity -- it's not a
good idea to cite nazis while promoting a mix of real and fake evidence
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 11:31:56 -0500

Dear Mark,
Thanks for writing. I rather think the "Holocaust" denial sites have a
great deal of credibility since the "Holocaust" was the greatest hoax of all.


comments about her racism are also at

Jane Christensen: Holocaust Denial and 9/11 Investigation - March 17, 2005


Her shoddy efforts attracted notice from a right-wing, neo-conservative

Academic Insanity at North Carolina Wesleylan
By Jon Sanders
FrontPageMagazine.com | April 18, 2005


This article discusses an "academic" course from a professor who supports
Holocaust Denial -- which mixes up sites like Ruppert's with rense.com,
infowars.com, and even worse stuff (like the Institute for Historical
Review - a notorious nazi apologist organization).


From: Victoria Ashley
Subject: Fwd: [911truthalliance] N.C. Wesleyan Professor's Web Site,
Course Draw Criticism
To: Mark

Have you seen this latest one? The work of AP . . .

If you ask me this is extremely transparent attempt to associate the key
names in here to scare the left from 9/11 truth.

9/11 truth - antisemitism - nutcase Christensen - hardcore Horowitz
(dragging behind her like clanging cans) - the spectre of recently set-up
Ward Churchill . . . expletives flying for no reason, 'campus crackdowns'
on the left . . . 9/11 truth . . .

N.C. Wesleyan Professor's Web Site, Course Draw
POSTED: 5:39 pm EDT April 25, 2005
RALEIGH, N.C. -- The classroom where North Carolina
Wesleyan College's only political science professor
is teaching a course titled "9/11; The Road to
Tyranny" has become the latest battlefront in the
ongoing campus culture war.
On Tuesday, the six students enrolled in the
elective course taught by Jane T. Christensen were
to attend the course's final session: "Police State
USA (Where Do We Go From Here?)"
Christensen's course has conservatives raging
against campuses loaded with unaccountable liberals.
The president of N.C. Wesleyan, a school of 1,800
students 50 miles east of Raleigh in Rocky Mount, is
defending her right to academic freedom.
"Slander and anti-Semitism are permitted by a bigot
posing as a scholar," Mike Adams, a criminal justice
professor at the University of North Carolina at
Wilmington, wrote in an online critique on
Adams is a frequent critic of academic liberalism;
Frontpagemag.com is a Web site headed by David
Horowitz, a one-time liberal campus activist turned
conservative critic.
One text required in Christensen's 9/11 course holds
that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the
United States were orchestrated and carried out by
U.S. government elites. The course teaches that the
official story about Sept. 11 is the result of
"government involvement in the cover-up."
The attacks were used by neo-conservatives in the
Bush administration, acting on behalf of pro-Israel
Zionists, as "a catalyst for the wars in Afghanistan
and Iraq as well as the attack on civil liberties in
the United States," according to the course's
"I teach the truth about 9/11 in all of my courses,"
said Christensen, who also teaches classes on
research methods and the American political system.
Other professors have encountered criticism for
voicing alternative views of the Sept. 11 attacks.
University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Ward
Churchill came under scrutiny after writing that
workers in the World Trade Center were the
equivalent of "little Eichmanns," a reference to
Adolf Eichmann, who ensured the smooth running of
the Nazi system. Churchill said his essay referred
to "technocrats" who participate in what he calls
repressive American policies around the world.
Churchill also spoke of the "gallant sacrifices" of
the "combat teams" that struck America.
And North Carolina has seen battles over the
academic community's response to Sept. 11, as when
three incoming freshmen sued the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill over a summer reading
assignment of a book that examined Muslim beliefs.
In an interview Monday with The Associated Press,
Christensen - a tenured professor with 15 years at
N.C. Wesleyan - defended her course.
"This is a war by the extreme right wing motivated
by the Zionists to quash academic freedom on
campus," she said.
Students will "never find anything that resembles
the truth about 9/11 or the war in Iraq from the
mainstream media," she added.
Christensen urged an interviewer to investigate how
many Iraqis have been killed since the U.S. invasion
two years ago, whether several of the suicide
hijackers on 9/11 have since been spotted alive, and
whether Israel is planning targeted killings of
opponents in the United States.
"That's a hell of a lot more interesting than my
(expletive) Web site," she said.
Christensen's page on the N.C. Wesleyan Web site
shows a photo of black-clad people holding automatic
weapons and the statement: "Fighting the New World
The site includes links to founding documents of
American democracy - like the Declaration of
Independence and selected Federalist Papers - as
well as to anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Israel and
pro-Palestine groups.
Ian Newbould, N.C. Wesleyan's president, defended
Christensen in an interview.
"We don't tell professors what to think. We don't
tell professors what to teach. The Eastern European
Communist regimes, or Saddam Hussein for that
matter, that's what they did," Newbould said Monday.
"What makes America great is we don't do that. I've
often used a quotation that they say comes from
Voltaire, `I may disagree with what you say but I'll
fight to your death your right to say it.'"
A year ago, Newbould participated in a panel
discussion at a convention of independent college
administrators about whether college presidents
should express personal opinions on controversial
national issues. He said presidents should stay in
the background, while providing opportunities for
campus discussion.
N.C. Wesleyan is a liberal arts college affiliated
with the United Methodists.
Newbould said Monday the school is considering
applicants for a second political science
professorship - a hiring decision he said is
independent of any controversy over Christensen.
Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All rights
reserved. This material may not be published,
broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Mike Rivero whatreallyhappened.com

A site that is often good (it never fell for the "no plane at Pentagon"
hoax) but also has supported the cause of neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel. A kind
interpretation would be that this site is so angry at Israeli genocide of
the Palestinians that they fail to understand the reality of the Nazi

Holocaust Survivor Memoir Exposed As Total Fraud (an article from
rense.com - which also promotes Zundel)
Zundel: His Freedom Is Our Freedom
German Free Speech Supporters Protest For Zundel
Ernst Zundel denied basic rights to fairness and justice
Letters In Response To The Ernst Zundel Deportation

John Kaminski - America's Autopsy Report

A websearch on "Kaminski Zundel" will bring up hundreds of links to his
writings praising neo-Nazi Holocaust Denial advocate Ernst Zundel

Jeff Rense - rense.com

Rense.com also promotes the cause of Mr. Zundel with prominent links on
the home page.

Jerry Russell 911-strike.com

A site that was an early participant in 9/11 truth movement but devolved
into promoting a variation of the "no plane" at Pentagon and the bizarre
claims that there are no natural limits to petroleum production. Its
webmaster prefers the term "Holocaust Revisionism" to "Denial" - and
admits that perhaps 1 to 3 million Jewish people were killed by the Nazis.
However, that requires one to still deny much of the Holocaust, although
it is less overtly offensive than claiming that almost no one was killed.

Jerry Russell wrote:

The Holocaust -- lots of references at
http://www.911-strike.com/holocaust-dialectic.htm; several lines of
demographic proofs of conspiracy at

from oilempire:

This "ety" website praised by Jerry Russell (911-strike) is really obscene.
Denying gas chambers is about as obnoxious as denying depleted uranium in
Iraq, the Pol Pot genocide, the Armenian genocide by the Turks (an
inspiration for Hitler's Holocaust), and countless other atrocities.

2005-12-28 22:15:20 UTC
The Holocaust Denial Movement

Background IHR: Carto and the Holocaust Denial Movement

The Institute for Historical Review was founded by Willis Carto in 1979
and is currently based in Newport Beach, California. In 1980, Carto and
his wife, Elisabeth, filed for IHR's business license under the title
"Legion for the Survival of Freedom, Inc." doing business as "The Noontide
Press/Institute for Historical Review."

Three motivations animate the propaganda of the Holocaust denial movement:
(1) the rehabilitation of Hitler and Nazi ideology; (2) the promotion of
new formulations to express traditional anti-Jewish conspiracy theories,
and (3) the undermining of the moral legitimacy of the State of Israel.
IHR materials and activities clearly reflect these themes.

Willis Carto, 67, began peddling anti-Semitism and extremism more than two
decades before the inception of IHR. Liberty Lobby, founded in 1955 and
currently the nation's largest anti-Jewish propaganda organization, was
also the brainchild of Carto and continues to be his chief propaganda
vehicle. Carto additionally founded the far-right Populist Party in 1983;
in 1988, the party ran as its presidential candidate the former neo-Nazi
and Klan leader David Duke. (Duke received 47,047 votes from eleven states
in this campaign.) Since the 1988 election, the Populist Party, like IHR,
has broken with Carto; it nonetheless continues to promote the same
extremist agenda. Until the IHR/Carto schism in 1993, Liberty Lobby
promoted IHR and Holocaust denial in its weekly newspaper, The Spotlight.
Recent issues of The Spotlight - which has been estimated to have a
circulation of nearly 100,000 -- vilify IHR and refer to its leaders as

The IHR, whose membership is comprised of pseudo-academics and veteran
hate propagandists, attempts to operate under the guise of scholarship. It
publishes a bi-monthly glossy magazine, The Journal of Historical Review,
and holds annual conventions where self styled "revisionist historians"
present papers on a variety of subjects -- but the agenda caters on
debunking the Holocaust. Regular speakers have included:

* Robert Faurisson, a former University of Lyon (France) literature
professor who was convicted and fined in French courts in July 1983 and
April 1991 for promoting racism and denying the reality of the Holocaust.

* Ditlieb Felderer of Sweden, who claims that Anne Frank's diary is a hoax
and who was convicted in May 1983 by a Swedish court for distributing
anti-Semitic hate mail, including locks of hair and pieces of fat which he
alleged belonged to Holocaust victims.

* British author David Irving, who has described himself as a "mild
fascist," and who has commented, "Without Hitler, the State of Israel
probably would not exist today, so to that extent he was probably the
Jews' greatest friend."

* Dr. Arthur Butz of Northwestern University, a professor of electrical
engineering and computer science who wrote The Hoax of the Twentieth
Century, one of the first Holocaust-denying books.

* The late Ivor Benson, a one-time politician in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)
and pro Apartheid activist.

The nature of the conventions and publications indicates that IHR is
clearly less concerned with historical truth than it is with promoting

Holocaust denial depends on the embrace of a mass conspiracy theory -- the
allegation that Jews, academics, historians and others falsified or
maliciously distorted all testimonies, reports and pictures of the
Holocaust. Holocaust deniers explain Jewish motivation behind the "Zionist
conspiracy" as a means to gain power and influence. In Carto's opening
speech to the 1981 IHR convention, he asserted that "Zionists" are
"predators" who exploit the "guilt" of Western society and "offer us
expiation for the sins of our fathers by giving us the magnificent
opportunity to contribute to the building of God's promised land for God's
chosen people with our tax money." The IHR's game plan is simple; by
legitimizing "debate" over the settled historical veracity of the
Holocaust, deniers hope to sow the seed of doubt, which in turn will
foster anti-Semitism in the form of resentment against those who have
promoted this "hoax": the Jews.

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